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“This initiative is of great strategic importance. It is a further step in the implementation of our territorial vision, which is to consolidate our primacy as one of the most important European poles of manufacturing in the high and medium technology sectors. The health emergency and the difficult restart created by the pandemic have made it even more urgent to accelerate these processes. The birth of the laboratory in 2020 has favoured a significant leap forward for the entire ecosystem of innovation and has also become a symbol of the territory’s desire to recover and its ability to collaborate on common objectives”.

Stefano Scaglia, President of Confindustria Bergamo

“With the JOiiNT LAB we have achieved a goal we have been working on for some years: to create a network through the territories, linking Italian excellence. This is Kilometro Rosso’s mission, and to be able to host the lab in our premises is a sign of commitment and dedication that has deep roots”.

Salvatore Majorana, Director of Kilometro Rosso Innovation District

“The joint laboratory is a valuable resource that enhances research and promotes a virtuous mechanism of technology and knowledge transfer among the various stakeholders. It is an engine of innovation that will have positive benefits not only for the University of Bergamo, but for the entire local ecosystem: the laboratory will be able to act as an accelerator for the province’s economic and industrial growth and become a good practice in the field of applied research”.

Remo Morzetti Pellegrini, Dean of the University of Bergamo