Cosberg is a reference enterprise in mechatronics, robotics and special assembly solutions. It conceives, designs and builds machines and modules for the automation of assembly processes. Tailor-made systems, fast, reliable and flexible, suitable both for assembling complex parts and very small products.
All this has allowed the company to consolidate partnerships with customers in a variety of industry fields, from automotive to electromechanical, from furniture hardware to mechanisms and accessories for electrical appliances, up to jewelry and watchmaking.

Founded in 1982, today Cosberg is a group with 105 employees, an average annual turnover of more than 23 million euros, three foreign branches, four sister companies. It invests over 10% of its turnover in innovation and R&D, a significant and constant commitment that has led, for example, to the registration of several international patents.

The will is to give a distinctive value of artificial intelligence to the assembly solutions: the automatic reconfiguration of the machine for product change (reducing “Pit Stop” times), machine tending (man-machine interface), maintenance (including the predictive one) and supply chain integration (traceability).

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