Industrial End-effectors

Our cobots can be equipped with different end-effectors, including traditional parallel grippers, wide range, and soft collaborative ones.


The qb SoftHand Industry is a new advanced anthropomorphic robotic hand based on MechaLogical technology. Designed by qbrobotics for industrial tasks, it complies to the standards and certifications of industrial and collaborative robotics.

The actuation system is tendon-driven and features a single motor to open and close the five fingers together while replicating the “first synergy “of the human hand movement in a flexible and adaptable grasp. The qb SoftHand Industry is the first anthropomorphic robotic hand designed specifically for industrial applications and tasks certified by TUV as a “collaborative gripper”.

Completely collaborative, thanks to the materials and to the system flexibility, the hardware allows the hand to be safe and harmless in any situation of accidental impact.



The RG6 – 6kg payload robot arm gripper with a 150mm stroke is a flexible collaborative gripper with built-in quick changer. The RG6 gripper is a tool for a wide range of applications and customized fingertips provide extensive gripping flexibility. RG6 is TÜV certified, comes standard with safety shields.




The 2FG7 parallel gripper is designed for applications with limited maneuvering space. Boasting a maximum payload of 11 kg, an external grip range of up to 73 mm, and a gripping force of 20 N to 140 N, the versatile 2FG7 can easily handle heavy or bulky payloads. The electric 2FG7 can be easily programmed for precise force, speed, and stroke control settings.