JOiiNT LAB and Brembo, a joint story of Innovation

In this project, JOiiNT LAB and Brembo have designed a flexible robotic system for component handling and machine servicing activities that can adapt to a dynamic environment and guarantee the safety of the operators it works with. The video shows the JOiiNT LAB robotic platform activity inside the facility, which is dedicated to designing and prototyping Brembo’s intelligent braking systems. This facility has been developed following principles of advanced digitisation and Industry 4.0 and is the ideal location to test new technologies for process innovation.
In this context, we assessed the feasibility of automating intralogistics operations related to handling components from the warehouse to the assembly stations, which are carried out manually. The robot then takes part in the production activity by taking over the most physically demanding and repetitive tasks.

The robot’s movement is planned in real time based on the object’s current position. It uses onboard sensors to map the environment and detect any unexpected obstacles during navigation. In this way, the system can adapt to manipulate objects flexibly and move safely in a shared space with human operators. This activity made it possible to test the proof of concept of a robotic system for intralogistics in a natural environment and to evaluate this technology for future use in industry.


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