“Warehouse and Logistics ergonomics optimization through real-time evaluation of the niosh index” at Asme Imece 2023 Congress

On Wednesday, 1 November, Daniel Lanzoni presented the paper ‘WAREHOUSE AND LOGISTICS ERGONOMICS OPTIMISATION THROUGH REAL-TIME EVALUATION OF THE NIOSH INDEX’ at ASME IMECE 2023, the International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition in New Orleans.

Realised in collaboration with Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and the University of Bergamo, this research validates a new approach that integrates an automatic ergonomic evaluation and optimization in logistic scenarios, comparing this analysis with traditional manual evaluation methods. Our approach is applied to a real case study (Brembo). It exploits tools such as a wearable motion capture system and an interactive interface that displays the Digital Twin of the analyzed task. Results show that our approach provides a more accurate evaluation of the ergonomics and an evident time-saving.


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