“Robot Avatar for assembly line assistance” at MECSPE Solution Award

The project is part of the Orizzonti Section as a result of Cosberg’s industrial research, developed in cooperation with the JOiiNT LAB. The aim of the project is to develop a robot capable of interacting with an automated production plant, such as Cosberg assembly and testing lines, to perform typical maintenance tasks.

A fundamental requirement is that the robot should be a flexible tool that can operate autonomously and, if the expertise of a specialised technician is required, allows it to be used to intervene remotely.

The proposed solution is based on ‘Robot Avatar’ technology, which consists of the combination of a collaborative robot and immersive, wearable interfaces through which the operator can control the robot intuitively as if it were an extension of his own body.
The operator can use it to intervene remotely as if performing the task himself, or he can alternatively ‘programme’ autonomous tasks using his own empirical experience, without being required to have any specific robotics skills.

The project represents a strong declination of the Industry 4.0 concept, linked to the enabling technology of collaborative robotics in complex and flexible production contexts. The aim is to develop an intelligent and integrated ‘machine system’ capable of self-diagnosing in order to overcome global market (geographical) and labour (shortage of mechatronic technicians) constraints.
Industrial research has isolated the disruptive technologies for this purpose, e.g. a 4.0 monitoring platform and Edge solutions for processing cycle traceability. This is the context for the Avatar prototype that interacts – teleoperated or in total autonomy – with the Cosberg assembly plant under service, transforming it into a Machine-Data-AI-Avatar system.

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